Terps To Spend Big Dough On Big Things. Football Team To Get “The Shell”.

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The University of Maryland has proposed to dish out $155 million for a new indoor practice facility and football training complex.  Welcome to the Big 10, homie.  The indoor football facility will be inside a majorly refurbished Cole Field House, which is cool because Cole Filed House is one of the greatest places on this earth.  The new outdoor practice fields will be where the tennis courts and a parking lot are now.  The soccer field would also et a re-do and become a 10,000 seat stadium.  The complex will also house an entrepreneur center and a sports medicine facility.

shell 2

They are calling the new place, “The Shell,” which is the sickest name for a practice facility in the nation, hands down.


This is a huge deal, babes.  I you wanna be a top dog, you gotta build a real nice dog house.  This proposed new facility will help the Terps tremendously with recruiting and building a nationally viable football program.  It takes money to do all that football building and this money spent should create better football and therefore more money for the University.  You gotta spend money to make money, babes, and this is level one of Big 10 money spending.  No way this happens without this conference move- I’m slowly warming up to all of this Big 10 nonsense. It also helps when one of your football alums create and runs the company that is Under Armour.  Gotta love you some Kevin Plank.

shell 4

The business machine that is college football rolls forward.  Spend, Terps, Spend, then Go, Terps, Go!!!!

Can’t wait for tuition to double!



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