Terps Stink It Up, Get Wrecked By Tech

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I almost didn’t write about this one. I haven’t been this angry about a Terps loss in quite some time.  Where’s the heart?  Where’s the toughness?  This team is softer on the road than the Charmin is on my ass.  The Terps continue to baffle their supporters by playing one of their worst games of the year against a terrible Georgia Tech team.   Georgia Tech is the worst shooting team in the ACC, but Maryland made them look like the ’86 Celtics by playing uneven and awful defense.  To make matters worse the Terps looked disjointed and rushed on offense, shooting 4-19 from 3 point land and getting physically out-manned down low.  It was a horrendous loss against an inferior team and it may spell doom for Maryland’s tournament hopes.  Being 1-6 on the road inside your conference isn’t a good selling point when it comes to post season play.

The guard play on this team is awful.  Pe’shon Howard has really, really struggled coming off knee surgery, and frankly shouldn’t be allowed on the floor.  It’s a shame because his career started well at Maryland and he used to play with a lot of heart, but something is off with Howard, and his play is hurting the team.  Seth Allen takes waaaay too many bad shots.  It’s mind numbing.  Nick Faust has been shooting well, but he was a turnover machine last night, giving it up six times.  Jake Layman went 0-fer last night and decided to take a page from Seth by taking even more  bad shots.  This team needs a gut check from its guards, Dez Wells is the only person resembling a leader on this team, someone else in the backcourt needs to step up.

Alex Len better stay another year because he is simply not ready for the NBA.  He had 13 and 9 last night, and played pretty well, but he is consistently being pushed off the block down low.  When he catches the ball he is often too far away from the basket.  Not only does this hurt his ability to post-up, but it makes it easier for opponents to double team him.  When he is doubled, he often takes his time passing out of the double team.  This doesn’t bode well for the pros.  Len needs another year to bulk up, and to get adjusted to the more rugged American style of basketball.

Listen, I know this group is young, but by this point in the season they should be able to mentally prepare for a road game within conference.  Especially one against inferior talent.  I also realize that there is no point guard,but Seth Allen, Nick Faust, and Dez Wells all posses enough ability to bring the ball up and get a team into an offense.  It seems to me the real problem with this squad is mental toughness, and they need to find it real fast, or the season will slip away.

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