Terps Lose In Ugly Fashion, Rutgers Coach Is Deranged

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Charles Mitchell Doing His Best Kyle Boller Impression.

Charles Mitchell Doing His Best Kyle Boller Impression.

Oh the agony.  Watching my beloved Terps run the rock is like watching an episode of the Bachelor.  Pure torture babes.  I know they are just kidsand I shouldn’t be overly critical, but what the hell is going on out there?  Maryland may be the worst passing and dribbling Division 1 team I have ever seen.  The turnovers are mind-numbing.  The shot selection is even worse.  By the end of the game if you would have asked me what 2+2 equals, I would have been unable to respond.  Watching this team makes you dumb.  I’m actually glad the season is over, another game of passes to the other team and out-of-control lay-ups would have turned my mind into complete mush. 

Losing in the semi-finals of the NIT probably isn’t a bad thing.  It gives you enough success to build upon for next year without having to face the ridiculous decision of hanging the NIT Championship Banner if you would have won  it.  Would that have looked good next to the NCAA National Championship Banner?  I don’t think so.

The good news is that the Terps are on the upswing.  They may look like the Bad News Bears at times, but they are talented.  Hopefully next year the Terps can put together an NCAA appearance.


Coach Rice, Seen Here Enjoying A Quiet Sunday Brunch With His Family.

Coach Rice, Seen Here Enjoying A Quiet Sunday Brunch With His Family.

And I thought Bobby Knight was an asshole. This clown at Rutgers takes the cake when it comes to abusive coaching.  Coach Rice missed his calling, he should have been a nun teaching elementary school in the 60’s.  He could have gotten away with it then and brushed it off as good ol’ fashioned discipline.  I myself found his basketball version of dodgeball quite amusing.  Nothing like whizzing some basketballs at another dude’s nuts in order to get his undivided attention.  I can’t believe one of these players didn’t jack this guy up.  Way to make a good impression on the Big 10 Rutgers!  Rice got fired today of course, but what the hell took so long? Of course this kinda shit was par for the course back in the day.  Ever see that Bear Bryant movie?  That guy seemed nuts too.  But he got results dammit!   If Rutgers was in the Final Four what would the national reaction be?  You can check out Coach Rice in all his abusive glory at our first story on the subject here: http://charmcitywire.com/rutgers-coach-off-his-rocker/

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