Terps Leave A Lot Of “What If’s” In Dean Dome Swan Song

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All day I’ve been thinking about what to write about last night’s, last Maryland game ever at Carolina.  The game itself was a disappointing 75-63 loss in which the Terps had to rally from an early 19-3 deficit.  Maryland made several runs, but could never get the lead.  As soon as they got close, UNC would again run away. In fact, this game had more damn runs than me after a 2:30 a.m. Taco Bell stop.

But back to my thoughts. The first thought I had, was that if the Dean Dome crumbled to the ground (as long as nobody was hurt), I’d be quite elated.  (The Terps were just 57-122 versus Carolina all time and wins in Chapel Hill were extremely rare.)  Second, I thought the refs sent the Terps away from Chapel Hill with enlarged sphincters and colons, because the Maryland squad got absolutely screwed in the foul department;  but what else is new, that’s par for the course on Tobacco Road.  Next, I wondered “what if”.  “What if” the Terps has shot more than 29% (8-28) in the first half?  It’s a plausible “what if”, because they got a ton of open looks that they couldn’t convert.  “What if” Seth Allen had quit jacking 3-balls that weren’t within the offense (aka they were awful shots and he was 3-10)?  This is an infuriating “what if”, because Allen had been playing very well the past week.  And “what if” the Terps still had Alex Len?  This is a stupid “what if”, but it’s frustrating watching the Maryland big men; the Terps desperately need a big man to step up offensively.  These “what if’s” are of course, all actually stupid, but it is heart breaking and frustrating watching this team play.  Maryland has been playing hard, and they played tough last night, but they are missing “something”.  Our “what if’s” offer clues to what that “something” is. That “something” is a pure and consistent shooter, a smart ball handler, and an offensive threat in the low post.  There’s always room for improvement among the current roster, but last night, as Terps fans, we’ll just have to settle for the fact that our guys played hard in Maryland’s swan song at the Dean Dome.


On the plus side, Nick Faust did have a sick ass dunk.




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