Terps Go Back Into Shell

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The Maryland Terrapins capitalized on their big win against Duke by going on the road and losing to one of the worst teams in the ACC.  The Terps played an uninspired second half and allowed a seven point halftime lead over Boston College to turn into an eleven point loss.  Logan Aronhalt scored 26 and was really the only Terp that made the trip north.  The rest of the Terps sleepwalked their way through the contest, looking more like the  zombie cast members of a Walking Dead episode  than college basketball players playing in an important road game.   Alex Len, after one of the best games of his career Saturday, was completely  ineffective against Boston College, scoring only 4 points on 1-5 shooting.  Len mercifully fouled out with under a minute left, ending a night where he was consistently pushed off the low post block on offense and left wandering the high post on defense.  It seems the Terps go as Alex goes, and with Len struggling, they needed more than just Aronhalt’s performance to overcome the scrappy Eagles.

Since the Terps seem to go as Alex Len goes it would seem there would be more of an effort to get Len shots.  Five shots is not enough, and the one attempt that found the bucket was a result of an offensive rebound.  Since Len was 2 for 2 on foul shots, this means that Len only took 5 shots out of the offense in his 27 minutes of playing time.  Weather this is a result of him being pushed around in the post or weather it’s a result of poor game planning is unknown, but it seems as though Len should be getting more shots than 5.  Simply put, Len is Maryland’s best player, and he has to be involved in the offense.

Maryland attempted to match-up against B.C.’s three guard lineup by going with a smaller line- up most of the game.  Charles Mitchell and Shaq Cleare saw reduced minutes because of this and as a result, the Terps were out rebounded by the Eagles.  Understandably, the play of Logan Aronhalt probably contributed to this decision, but the result was that Maryland lost the frontcourt presence that has given them recent success.    Maryland’s guards simply aren’t good enough yet to carry the day, and they proved that again last night, shooting poorly and committing turnovers at critical moments down the stretch.

With only five games remaining in regular season play the Terps have to step it up.  With Maryland’s talent level, all of these remaining games are winnable.   To have any hope at a post-season the Terps have to win at least  three of these games, and win a couple of games in the ACC tourney.  Finding consistency and understanding who they are will be the key to getting these needed wins.  Hopefully the Terps can do just that.



  1. They will need to win the ACC tourney. It is a shame because the season started with some promise.

    • The season starts today at noon. Get back to hustle, dominating the boards. If they do that and the leaders in the backcourt take care of the basketball, there’s something to build on for the stretch run.

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