Terps Get Demolished On The Road…Again. Dumped 71-55 By Iowa

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Welp, I’m in complete panic mode.  Maryland got eye-poked, beat-up, and run out of Iowa City today as their road woes turned into full-blown road problems.   Make no mistake about it, the Terps have hit a damn wall and they’ve hit it hard.  Maryland has suffered back-to-back-to-back road losses to Indiana, Ohio State, and now Iowa by a combined 59 points.  These haven’t been just losses, they’ve been embarrassing blow-outs and it’s a miracle that the Terps are still ranked in the Top 25.  Today’s first half may have been the toilet-paper cherry on top of Maryland’s road shit sundae.  Mark Turgeon’s crew scored just 17 points and shot just 24% in the opening frame.  It looked worse than that and it even got worse than that when Melo Trimble got attacked by a TV camera and after Trimble got poked in the eye by Iowa’s Adam Woodbury.  (Woodbury is a serial eye-poker and dickhead)  It was just ugly.

In fact so ugly, that for the first time this season I quit watching.  I then caught the final two minutes in real time and then watched the second half later, but it was just too damn aggravating to watch another blow out.  Our guys gotta get this right, Indiana comes to town on Wednesday.


Game Notes

At least Melo Trimble broke out of this scoring slump.  Melo led all scorers with 20 on 7 of 12 shooting.  He also showed incredible toughness after getting his eye popped and swole in the first half.

Dez Wells scored 12 on 3 of 6 shooting.  Dez needs to take more than six shots, period.

Jake Layman scored 4 points.  He looked lost and was in foul trouble early.  Without his offense, the Terps are always going to be in trouble.

The Terps have no big men of substance.  It has become a big problem.  There is absolutely no inside-out game and opposing teams are just clogging the lane to prevent drives because they don’t have to respect Maryland’s inside game.

The Terps need more than nine points from the bench.

The defense has also been terrible and today was no exception.  Iowa shot 64% form the field.

Another page turner.  Terps absolutely have to win on Wednesday.  Let’s go.

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