Terps Blow First Half Lead, Piss Off Seabass

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By Seabass

Maryland suffered yet another self inflicted kick to the nuts Sunday night as the Terps blew a double digit halftime lead to ultimately lose in overtime at Virginia.  Nick Faust led the way with 15 points, 13 in the first half, but like the rest of the Terps, Faust disappeared in the second half.  Maryland shot just 26% in the second, looking stagnant and downright stupid.  Shot selection was again an issue for the Terps and it has become clear that this team simply lacks the patience and discipline to be any threat in the ACC tournament. 

Alex Len, who has faded badly down the stretch, had another off night against a physical opponent.  He simply is not ready for the NBA, though it looks as though that’s where his mind is lately.  Len shot poorly, and made the mistake of going for the in bounds pass during the game tying play, putting himself out of defensive position for the  shot attempt.  Len should stay another year, and despite my recent criticism, his leaving too early would be a big blow to this program.

Maryland also went small for most of the game against the Cavs, and in the first half it paid off as Maryland staked a 17 point lead.  But the lack of point guard, and God-awful shot selection caught up to the Terps, and Virgina was able to get back into the game as they adjusted to Maryland’s small-ball.  Maryland never adjusted, and though the  team boasts a tough physical frontcourt, they never showed it off.  Shaq Cleare  played zero minutes;  Charles Mitchell and James Padgett each played less than 20, and the lack of frontcourt rotation took a toll on a tired Alex Len, who saw his most significant minutes in a long time (36).  Unfortunately, it seems Coach Turgeon  believes this team is at it’s best when they go guard heavy, despite evidence to the contrary.  The Terps have had the most success when emphasizing the inside game on offense, while attempting to dominate the boards on defense. Yet for some reason, Maryland went away from this philosophy once again.  The result was a heart-breaking loss.

I’ve been hard on the Turtles during the ACC season. Perhaps it is because the beginning of the year started with so much promise (albeit against a light schedule), and perhaps I overestimated the talent level on this team.  Either way my expectations were artificially high, and my blood pressure has paid the price.  But I do like Coach Turgeon, and the program is on the up-tick.  We’ll see how the ACC Tournament goes, but this time my expectations definitely won’t be so high.

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  1. Glad I didn’t watch it. The guards stink. I don’t get it either.

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