Terps Beat Penn State For Series Sweep and 21st Win Of The Year. Yet Folks Still Hate Turgeon

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Maryland went up to Happy Valley and got off their recent road schnied with a 76-73 victory .  Melo Trimble and Dez Wells played the stars, scoring 20 and 22 points, respectively, for the Terps.  That’s 55% of total team scoring, in case you were wondering.  Trimble had total control of the floor Saturday night.  He ran the offense, scored a-plenty, dished out four assists, and nabbed six rebounds. He also hit all 12 of his foul shots. It was one of his best performances of the year.  And his shot wasn’t margarine, or Country Crock, it was strictly butter.  Strictly butter, babes.

Dez Wells was particularly effective driving to the rack and he was even calling for clear outs late in the game.  Penn State simply couldn’t keep up with him off the bounce.

And when silky shit like this is going on, it’s probably best for your teammates to set picks, clear out, and give you one-on-one rack access.


Well Dez this is just so sick

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Of course the game wasn’t perfect. Maryland’s gave up a 13-0 run midway through the second half to allow Penn State back into the game.  The defense for this team is in a constant state of construction.  Without a viable big man, this can be expected, but watching Jake Layman get beat while he’s out of position and watching Maryland’s guards fail to play tight perimeter defense is frustrating.  When the Terps shoot 49%, like they did last night, it doesn’t matter as much, but shooting 49% is something that is few and far between.  The defense has to get better and more consistent.

But winning is all that matters and Maryland has done a lot of that this year.  21-5 is a damn lovely record and it puts Maryland in a great position for the final few weeks of the regular season.  The Terps have five games remaining.  The next three in a row are at home.  The Terps get lowly Nebraska twice, Michigan at home, #5 Wisconsin at home, and they travel to Rutgers.  Getting Wisconsin at home is huge and the Terps could go 5-0, best case scenario, and 3-2, worst case.  Worst case, 24 wins overall is a great year and it would mark a return to the NCAA Tourney for the Terps.


Yet Maryland folks still seem to bash the leader of this great season, Coach Turgeon.  Granted, the beginning of Turgeon’s tenure has been a bit rocky, but this season puts his previous missteps in the rear view.  To have 21 wins at this stage of the season without a viable big man and without a true power forward is, to me, incredible.  Especially playing in the Big 10.  This team has a great chemistry and it has brought Maryland basketball back into the national conversation.  With transfer Ronald Carter waiting to step in next season, a bevy of freshman talent, and with more top talent on the Terps’ radar, the future is looking good.  Gotta think big picture here and give Turgeon time.  Gary Williams, as great as he was, left the cupboard bare of  talent when he left.  Turgeon’s tenure hasn’t been perfect, but he’s had a big job to do.  This season is a definite step in the right direction.  In fact, the turmoil of last season and the lack of front court production this season, has made this 21 win (so far) season improbable.  I think Coach Turgeon has done a tremendous job this year.

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