Terps Beat Hoosiers 68-66 In One Hell Of A Basketball Game

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Hell yeah, babes.  The Terps squeaked by Indiana in a thriller at Xfinity Center Wednesday night in what amounted to a tremendous basketball game.  The Terps and Hoosiers battled back and forth in what felt like a street ball brawl.  Both teams hit ten threes, both teams hit clutch buckets throughout the night, and both teams drove to the basket with authority.  This game was flat-out entertaining.  It would come down to a missed three from Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell, which was fitting, because the game felt like it would be a damn nail-biting, heart-seizing, one-possession nut cruncher from the tip. But thankfully for us, it was the Terps who would get more clutch buckets in the end and it would be the Terps who would walk off the court with a big fat W.  Take that, Tom Crean, you Tom Arnold looking weirdo.


After getting blown out in Indiana a few weeks ago and after watching Yogi Ferrell hit 10 three pointers in a row (spanning over three halves of basketball), it was absolutely gorgeous watching Ferrell miss the final two shots of the game tonight.  It was also great watching Melo Trimble light up the College Park night with 18 points off of 50% shooting.  It was also lovely to see Dez Wells continue his tough play with 18 points, though my coronary arteries could have benefitted from him making two, instead of just one, free throws at the end of the game, but we won’t get too picky after a win.  It was also awesome to see Jake Layman score six of Maryland’s last eleven points and I thought it was great that Coach Turgeon set a play up for Layman coming out of a time out with 3:20 remaining and the game tied at 57.  That drive and bucket put Jake on his late game roll.  And it was also stupendous to see the Terps run their record to 8-4 in the Big 10.  That puts them in a tie with Ohio State for second place in the conference with five games left to go.  The win against Indiana also gives the Terps their twentieth victory of the season.  I’m willing to bet that a lot of experts didn’t see that happening.


Indiana wasn’t mopping 60% of its shots again, it just wasn’t happening.  The Terps played much better perimeter defense this time around, especially in the second half.  (Richaud Pack and Melo trimble especially.) In fact, this may have been the best defensive basketball game that the Terps have played in at least three weeks.  They came out with more energy and movement than they have in recent weeks as well.  That energy continued throughout the game and it definitely feels like this team thrives under the pressure of a close game.  The late pressure brought Layman out of his funk and Maryland has hit clutch foul shots late all season.  It’s a good trait to have it may help out come tourney time.


Game Notes

Despite not scoring, Damonte Dodd made the most of his 13 minutes with four blocks and three rebounds.  He was also active in setting picks and maintaining active hands on D.  It felt like he played a lot more.

Maryland shot 48% from beyond the arc.  Five players hit two three-pointers.

Richaud Pack had just three points but he was very active on defense and he had six rebounds.

No team in the country is better than Indiana at finding the open man on the perimeter.

Troy Williams is nasty for IU, but he punked two dunks and he blatantly goaltended on another jam.  Goaltending should definitely be reviewable, especially in a made basket off of a goaltend situation.  What if the Terps would have lost by one?  It would have been bullshit.

Terps were loud tonight but how in the hell are we not selling that place out?

Ravens Coach Harbaugh was there rooting for the bad guys.  Family first, babes.

Next up, a Valentine’s Day date with Penn State.

Go Terps!


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