Terps Beat Abilene Christian. But The Fact That The Terps Even Trailed In This Game Is Damn Ridiculous

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Dude.  The Terps played some lazy ass basketball in their home opener tonight at Comcast Center.  Abilene Christian, who is attempting to transition to Division 1, led the Terps 30-29 at halftime.  That in itself is completely inexcusable.  It’s obvious that there is little to no player leadership on this team, hell, Dez Wells got benched in the first half for sloppy play and laziness.  When the Terps finally got their heads out of their asses in the second half, they went on a 29-0 run.  But even that didn’t happen until AC went up 44-38 with 14:12 left in the game. The Terps need to start getting serious.

Two guys did come to play for Maryland.  Jake Layman had 19 points and 6 rebounds and our boy Charles Mitchell came off the bench for 15 points and 11 rebounds.  What’s weird about that last sentence are the words “off the bench”.  This guy should be starting.  He shows constant energy, determination, and heart.  Plus, dude just does work.  Time to give him big time minutes, he’s earning them.

Freshman Roddy Peters started at point guard.  In his 22 minutes he had 4 points, 2 assists, and 4 turnovers against a semi-division 1 school.  Not good.  Looks like Coach Turgeon will have to go back to Wells at the point.  Roddy obviously needs some time to mature.

At least they came alive in the second.  A 29-0 run is pretty damn impressive.

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