Ten Years Ago Today, Adam Jones Became An Oriole

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It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago today, Number 10 was traded to the Orioles, along with a few others, including Chris Tillman, for the small price to pay of an unhappy Erik Bedard.

The fourteen years of losing were unbearable at times, and I sacrificed much of my adolescence suffering through game after game of watching a shitty product out on the field every night. But I stuck through it, and never once thought about jumping ship to another fan base. There wasn’t much to cheer for during that time, until this day ten years ago, when Andy Macphail pulled off the trade of his lifetime.

When you think of the face of the Orioles turnaround from being a perennial basement dweller to the team that made the playoffs three out of five years, two people come to mind, and that’s Buck Showalter and Adam Jones.

Not only has Jones been a privilege to watch on the field for the last decade, but he’s embraced the Baltimore community, done a lot of charity, and been an all around good guy.

This enters the last year of Jones’ current deal, and although he’s on the second half of his career, I still think he’s got plenty left in the tank. There will be a lot of grown men shedding tears in Maryland if the O’s and Jones can’t find a way to work out a deal to have AJ finish his career in Baltimore.

Thanks for the last ten years Adam, and we hope you can finish out your career in a city that loves you unconditionally.





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