Ten Underrated Comedies That You May Have Missed

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We’ve all seen every Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Seth Rogan movie made.   Nowadays it seems comedic movies have become more about the actors themselves than the actual content.  It wasn’t always like that, as evidenced by the hilarious content from some of these ten films I picked as, Underrated Comedies That You May Have Missed.  Some of these are oldies but goodies if you will, but all of them are worth a shot, especially during the bore that is winter.
10.  Cedar Rapids: Ed Helms plays an insurance agent sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a convention.  Obviously a very dry comedy from the premise, but a great one at that.  My favorite line was when the conservative African American agent proclaims, “I do a great Omar from the HBO program, The Wire!”

9.  Cannibal Women In The Avacado Jungle Of Death:  Hear me out!  I caught this B movie on Comedy Central years ago, and I still think it’s funny as shit.  Bill Maher is hysterical as a male chauvinist who leads a group into the jungle to find the mysterious Piranha Women.  Trust me, it’s funny.

8.  Top Secret:  It’s old, as evidenced by a super young Val Kilmer, but it’s funny.  The team of Abrahams and the Zucker’s put this gem together- they are better known for the Naked Gun and Airplane movies.  The French guy is by far the funniest character.

7.  Buying The Cow:  A great cast consisting of Jerry O’Connell, Bill Bellamy, and a young Ryan Reynolds lead the way in this bro/romantic comedy about getting laid.

6.  Tomcats:  Another Jerry O’Connell gem, as this time he plays a gambler who is gonna be killed by casino mogal Bill Mahr if he can’t come up with his debt by week’s end.  Shannon Elizabeth and Jake Busey co-star, and Busey is hilarious as the asshole friend, Kyle.  “I hate this shade of lipstick…it’s so hard to get off your dick!”

5.  Say It Isn’t So:  A Farrelly brothers flick that got terrible reviews, but I thought it was funny.  Chris Klein and Heather Graham star as lovers who find out they may actually be brother and sister!  Sally Field and Richard Jenkins are fabulous as the parents looking for their daughter to marry up in society.

4.  Grandma’s Boy:  You’ve probably seen this, but it is severely underrated in my mind.  Alan Covert is awesome as the leading character, and early performances by Nick Swardson and Jonah Hill really supplement the comedy.  “Come here you Silver Fox!”

3.  Whipped:  Mid nineties comedy focusing around three single guys and one married guy.  They meet at a diner every week to discuss their sexual encounters until they realize they are all dating the same women. I have turned on countless friends to thus movie and it never fails.  “What’s with the Dunwood?”

2.  Slammin Salmon:  Some of the funniest movies are straight to DVD, and this is one of them.  From the fellas at Broken Lizard, (I can’t believe their street cred couldn’t buy them a theatrical release, but whatever) this movie may be a funnier look at restaurant life then “Waiting,” and I’m a huge “Waiting” fan.  Will Forte is hysterical as the customer who orders a hot tea and sits to read War And Peace the entire shift.

1.  Moving Violations:  Mid-eighties romp starring the other Murray brother John as a goofball who has to take a driver’s safety class.  Hilarity ensues as the cops teaching the class are out to fail every student.  Actress Nedra Volz plays Mrs. Loretta Houk and steals the movie.  “What’s a man doing in the ladies room…and why’s my back all wet?”

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  1. Three questions…is “Goon” underrated? Because every other person I talk to have never even heard of it. 2. Is it a comedy? 3. Is it funny as hell or is it just me?

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