Ten Bold (Some Not So Bold) Predictions For The ALCS

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Prediction 1.) Adam Jones breaks out of his playoff slump- It’s time, Jonesy, to finally show the world that you’re the player we know you are. Let’s be honest, Jones was absolutely horrible in the 2012 playoffs, and has yet to put up a really solid game so far this postseason. But I think now that Jones, who is a very emotionally driven player, has a little experience, along with a series win, will settle down and make some better swings this series.

Prediction 2.) Nelson Cruz continues to rake- Nelson Cruz throughout his career has been spectacular in the playoffs, and I expect nothing different in this series. He obviously loves to hit in Camden Yards, and with 4 potential games here, he’ll have a great opportunity to have a couple homers.

Prediction 3.) The O’s don’t lose when Tillman’s on the mound- I made the prediction in a blog before the playoffs started that the Orioles won’t lose a game in which Tillman starts the entire postseason, and so far he’s one-for-one. Although he didn’t look spectacular in his first start, he did his primary job, which was to set the team up for a good opportunity to win. I expect him to really be on his A-game tonight, and I expect him to be in the conversation for ALCS MVP.

Prediction 4.) The Orioles have moderate success against James Shields- It’s no secret that James Shields has been pretty sharp against the O’s throughout his career, dating back to his days in Tampa, and that sort of scares me. But Big Game James has not been that good in big games throughout his career, sporting an ERA of 4.96 in the postseason, and I think the O’s bats will be dialed in enough to get to him early. Give me a Nelson Cruz homer in game 1.

Prediction 5.) The Royals get too greedy on the base path’s, and it hurts them- A whole lot has been made of the Royals’ running game, and justifiably so. Although they are undoubtedly great at stealing bases, I think all this media hype is getting to their heads, and they’re starting to believe they’re invincible out there. Caleb Joseph is too good at throwing runners out (40% caught stealing rate) for them to just expect unrivaled success. Chris Tillman has also only allowed 2 runners since the start of 2013 to steal a base on him, which leads the majors, and is a stat that honestly is simply incredible.

Prediction 6.) Miguel Gonzalez struggles in his start- I’m a little torn on this one, since I think Gonzalez has the mental capability, and quality stuff to be successful in the postseason. But it’s been a long time since Gonzo took the mound, and if he starts game 4, that likely won’t be until Tuesday. The Royals have a heavy dose of left-handed batters, and I expect them to get on and get some runs in against Gonzalez. I’m not saying he’s going to look abysmal, but I think a 5 inning, 3 or 4 run outing is in store for Miguel Gonzalez. I hope I’m wrong about this one.

Prediction 7.) Jeremy Guthrie will be cheered if he gets in the game in Baltimore- Look, you never want to cheer your opponent, especially in the playoffs. But Jeremy Guthrie gave us years of loyal service here in Baltimore, and we couldn’t put any sort of talent around him. He left before we got good in 2012, and this will be his first postseason appearance. We expected Guthrie to be our ace, but he never had enough talent to be that guy. He was just the best we had, so Baltimore put unfair pressure on him. He was never a great pitcher, but he was a guy we often could count on, and was a class individual.

Prediction 8.) Showalter will out-manage Ned Yost- No explanation needed. Buck’s the MFin’ man.

Prediction 9.) We’ll all miss Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer- The game just sounds better with these two guys commentating. They’re simply the best in the biz. At least the game’s not on Fox though.

Prediction 10.) The Orioles take this series in 6 games- I wouldn’t be shocked if it was 5. The Orioles are just the best team left in the postseason, and in my opinion, with all due respect to the Royals, they aren’t even in the same league with the O’s.

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