Teacher Denies Fondling Black Student, Says She’s Racist

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The Humble private school teacher accused of fondling a student has been charged with indecency with a child, but is denying the allegations by saying she’s prejudiced.61-year-old Esther Irene Stokes of Montgomery was charged with felony indecency with a child last week after allegations surfaced that she had touched the private parts of a 7-year-old female student at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School in Humble.”Law and Order was on, and there was a subject about that. I told my kids, ‘If anyone ever touch you or anything like that, let me know,’” said the victim’s mother.A few minutes later, the mother said her daughter started crying.”That’s when she told me she touched her,” said the victim’s mother. “I said touched her how? She said she touched my private area. “Stokes denied the allegations.“She (said she) doesn’t like to even touch the black children on their hand, she shies away when they try to hug her — she admitted to being prejudice,” Blanchard said.


Nope, only white kids run the risk of being groped by this woman. This must be reassuring for all the white parents from this school.  Instead of saying she doesn’t touch kids, she has to rely solely on prejudice during her court appearance. This could be an interesting trial when the prosecutor says, “but you have black friends.”


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