Teacher Accused Of Showing Before And After Photos Of Her Boob Job To Luckiest Students Ever

News — May 29, 2015 at 11:34 pm by

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Three students have told police that their 34-year-old teacher at the Woodside High School in Virginia showed them pictures on her cell phone of her breasts, before and after getting a boob job.

According to WKTR,

“The teacher hasn’t been charged or arrested for anything, so for that reason we will not release her name. However, school officials confirm the teacher was placed on administrative leave without pay right after the students said something back in March. Newport News Police and Child Protective Services were notified immediately. As human resources was investigating, the teacher put in her resignation. She resigned on April 17th, according to school officials.”

What’s the point in a boob job if you can’t show your new big titties off to the people that want to see them most? And there is no one in the world that would appreciate a good set of chesticles like a group of horny high school boys. Where the hell were all these types of teachers when I was in high school? It seems like every day there’s another hot young teacher showing off hers tits or banging a student. All I had at my high school were the type of teachers that had stuffed animals on their desks and knitted their own sweaters.

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