TD Stands For Tandon Doss. Ravens Handle Texans 30-9

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Tandon Doss wasn’t on the team when the Ravens kicked off their season in Denver. I’m sure glad he’s with the Ravens now. Doss dramatically took a Shane Lechler punt 82 yards to the house with 1:05 left in the first half, tip-toeing the sideline with incredible speed and dexterity. The return, in combination with the Daryl Smith pick six that had ended the previous Houston possession, put the Bank into a frenzy that the Ravens would continue to feed off of as the game progressed as they pounded the Texans into submission. It was a dominating defensive performance by Baltimore. Matt Shaub was sacked 3 times and continuously harassed all afternoon by an angry, fast, and physical defense. The vaunted Texans offense, which was fourth in the league coming into the game, was kept out of the end zone for four quarters. That’s right folks, two games, no opponent touchdowns. It can be officially said that the Ravens defense is over the Denver loss.

Smith with the pick six that changed the whole momentum off the game.

The offense sputtered early, but recovered in the second half for an efficient, mistake free performance. The Ravens couldn’t run the ball for shit again, but they eventually wore down the Texans defense by being persistent. Bernard Pierce gained only 64 yards on 24 carries, but by the second half Pierce was able to rip off a few tough and effective runs, including an 11 yarder and a touchdown. Joe Flacco was also solid in the second half, playing mistake free and smart football. The Ravens were able to hit a couple of big plays to Torrey Smith, including one on a frozen rope from Joe Cool, and that softened up the Houston D just enough for Pierce and for Flacco to hit some plays over the middle, including some crucial third down conversions to ol’ goat Dallas Clark. It wasn’t beautiful, but it was tough nosed, winning football, and that’s all that matters.  And I still believe this offense will click, it’s just a matter of when.

The referees were too involved in this one, and it went both ways. I won’t get in particulars with every call, but the first McKinnie facemask and a couple of Pass Interference calls that went the Ravens way were pretty horrific. Too many flags= shitty football. Let ’em play dammit.

How great was it to see Ray cheering on the Ravens and talking smack to the ref on the Tandon Doss review?  Pretty fucking great.   Legend babes, legend.

When Ray Ray says go, you go babes.

How much did it suck to see Ed Reed playing for somebody else?  The Ravens and Ed both did what they had to do for their own long term interest, but I wish he would have just retired a Raven.

The Ravens secondary played a fantastic football game. Even when they got beat, they immediately put the receivers on the turf. Lardarius Webb is especially good at this. There’s no YAC with Webb in your hip pocket.

Vonta Leech is a monster. He takes things personally on the field and I fucking love it. If he wants to jaw, he jaws, and if he wants the bullshit to stop, it stops. He is a tough SOB and he’s incredibly valuable to this team.

Dan Dierdorf called the game, and he can wear on me sometimes, but he gives Baltimore props every time he does a broadcast. He loves the atmosphere, he loves the city, he loves the stadium, and he loves our fans. You’re damn right you do Dan.

James Inhedigbo is an early front-runner for our unsung hero of the year award. Quite simply, he’s playing crazier than Miley Cyrus at a stick your tongue out and look like a dumb whore contest. James is destroying ball carriers and he and Matt Elam aren’t allowing shit to get behind them. Solid babes.

Torrey Smith is a beast.

All in all this is huge win. The Texans are the “elite” of the AFC, according to the national media, and we just drubbed them. But shhhhh, Baltimore, keep it on the DL, because I have a feeling we’re just getting started.



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  1. Joe did not seem comfortable throwing it to Marlon Brown in this one. Barely looked his way. If that guy gets on track and we get Jones and Rice back. Things will be much better on O. Great game. I thought Houston was going to take us.

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