Tampa Bay Trying to Give it Away

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So we have dropped two games in a row to the dreaded NYY and somehow we’re still in the thick of things. I can’t decide if the Orioles are getting ready to make a run and rip off 7 wins in a row or if someone needs to take this team out back and finish us off like Ol’ Yeller. Whichever it is, I wish they’d figure it out because I can’t keep taking blown leads only to wake up to realize that we’re still only 2-3 games out of the second wild card.

I’ve heard all the complaints over the last few days, and believe me there has been plenty to bitch about with back to back losses to the Yanks. Gausman shouldn’t have come back for the 8th Tuesday night, and Tommy Hunter hung a couple on Wednesday for a loss that looked much the same as the night before. Wednesday night was a great outing for my boy, Steady Chevy Scott Feldman, who gave up 3 runs over  7 ⅔ innings. Heck of an outing to piss away. What makes this worse though is we’re getting the help we need, and were not cashing in on the opportunities.

The Rays lost on Tuesday night, and took the Sox into extra innings on Wednesday only to serve up a grand slam in the 10th to lose again. We need to win, and we need the Rays to lose. Boy,  Tampa  sure is doing a great job of holding up their end of this, be we keep coming up short. Blowing leads two days in a row is bad enough, but watching the Rays look horrible at the same time  just makes me sick. The Rays, who with their loss Wednesday night are 4-13 in their last 17, are done like dinner, it’s just a matter of who’s going to step up and take it from them. Tampa is literally trying to give this wild card away and no one wants to take it.  As an Orioles fan I hope we can be that team, but I’m starting to get worried, and we are running out of games. Its going to come down to the wire between the O’s, Yanks, Indians and Royals. At this point it might not even be about who plays great, but about which team doesn’t suck it up  the most over the next few weeks. This goes without saying, but it’s a huge game at Camden Yards Thursday night. We can’t let the Yanks start to pull away.

Does anyone want an AL wild card? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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