Take Back the Yard Weekend: Part Deuce

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It wasn’t that long ago that the New York Yankees came to town for take back the yard weekend, and the Baltimore Orioles swept them back to the Bronx. Now in come the Boston Red Sox, who the Orioles made light work of last night. It was a huge win after a bumpy spot in KC.  Chris Tillman’s stellar performance left the Boston batters baffled, and sent a clear message to the entire AL east, we aren’t messing around boys. The hometown fans sent a message of their own too. This is our yard, and we’re going to protect it!  The stands were flooded with Orange and Black attire, as half in the bag fans cheered in support of the Birds while they pounded the Sox into submission.  Don’ t think the players don’t notice it either. Adam Jones’ post game comments let you know the players feel the difference in the now electric Oriole Park. “I told Big Papi, this isn’t Fenway south anymore. This is Camden Yards.”-AJ.
Hey Papi, you like apples?  Well we’re going to win the East. How do you like them apples? See you at the yard tonight.

even better because of the Boston accents, just for Papi.


pics: Balto Sun

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