Tackle Orlando Brown, Who Is Heavily Linked To the Ravens, Is Having An ATROCIOUS Combine

Sports and Bets — March 2, 2018 at 2:16 pm by

Mel Kiper Jr. has the Ravens taking Oklahoma’s Orlando Brown, the number two tackle on his big board, with the 16th pick in the draft. And today, that’s not looking like it’s gonna be a good thing.

Holy shit those numbers aren’t just bad, they’re atrocious. I could go to the local Y and find some slapdick in a bodybuilding.com tank who uses self tanner and weighs half as much as Brown who can throw up more reps than that on the bench. I could kick my grandfather’s cain out from under him and he could still go fourty yards faster than that.

Orlando Brown, son of former Raven Orlando “Zeus” Brown, has been heavily linked to the Ravens with the 16th overall pick as a guy who could come in and be a Day 1 starter on the right side of the line and keep Flacco upright. I’m not a guy who thinks combine numbers are an end all be all, and I don’t think they should affect draft stock significantly. But aside from the terrible numbers, getting yelled at for loafing in the biggest job interview of an athletes life is a huge red flag. HARD PASS.

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