Sweeeeeeep! Birds Sweep Yanks and Their Jerk Fans Back To The Bronx

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The Chode called the sweep here at Charm City Wire on Friday afternoon. To be honest, I thought he was fucking nuts, especially with McFarland and Britton pitching back-to-back nights in the series.  But the boys in black and orange delivered the sweep to our boy it in a big way, highlighted and completed by a 4-2 prime time win on ESPN on Sunday night.   It was a big win for the Birds and the Baltimore fan base put on a nice display for the rest of the country to see.  If they hadn’t figured it out last year they sure as hell know it now, Oriole fever is back in Baltimore, and it is here to stay babes.

10 Wins Means Tillman Is The MFM of the rotation

10 Wins Means Tillman Is The MFM of the rotation

Chris Tillman got his tenth win of the year by battling and beating the Yankee’s Hiroki Kuroda.  Tillman struggled early and even walked in the first run of the game.  In fact the Yankees as they stand right now must really suck and be struggling because Tillman was all over the place to start the game.  With the stuff he was chuckin’ early it was a wonder that the Bronx Bums couldn’t come away with more.  But I guess that shows what kind of year Chris Tillman is putting together, even when he struggles, he still finds a way to minimize damage and get stronger.  By the third inning he was in cruise control. I actually would have liked to see him go deeper into the game than the sixth, but Buck knows his pitchers better than I do.

...and another one

…and another one

Manny Machado sure as hell put on a show.  He gave the Orioles a 1-0 lead with a bomb to left in the first.  The Yard was going ape shit as the ball landed in the seats.  Machado followed that up by pounding out his league leading 38th double.  He also mopped a single later in the game.  That’s right, he was only a triple away from the cycle.  Beast.

Chris Davis hit his 31st home run.  He also has 80 RBIs.  He is the only player in major League history to have over 30 home runs and over 25 doubles before the end of June.  It’s just god damn incredible.

Nate Mclouth also homered.  He also recorded his first outfield assist of the year when he gunned Travis Hafner at second in the third frame.

Brian Roberts DHed and batted ninth.  He singled and had a sacrifice fly in the eighth to score Matt Wieters.  For anyone who wants to keep being negative about Roberts and his injury problems, suck it.  He was an oasis of good baseball in the desert of shit that was the Orioles for years.  He signed on to stay here through the hard times and he deserves to be a part of a winner.  Not to mention the fact that if he stays healthy he can be a huge help to this already good ballclub.

The Birds are off tomorrow before travelling to Chicago.

I hope the jerk-off Yankee fans enjoy their trip home up 95!

Let’s Go O’s!


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