Suspected Weed Runners Chuck Bales Of The Stuff While Chased By Police

News — March 10, 2015 at 10:48 pm by

You wish you would’ve been on Interstate 8 in Central Arizona on March 4th.   Why?  Because two dudes were throwing bales of marijuana out of an SUV while they were getting chased by the police during a not so routine traffic stop.  Oddly enough, after the two suspects were finally apprehended, authorities failed to recover most of the discarded evidence.    According to “Much of that evidence was lost, however, as motorists who followed behind the chase stopped to pick up the drugs.” 

Shocking, that folks would do that.

Meanwhile the two dopes that got caught were booked looking like this:


Yeah, I’d be sad as shit too if my bales of hay were getting scooped and smoked while I donned the orange jumper of the incarcerated.    Here’s the chase and the weed dump:


via: azcentral and barstool

cover pic: khou

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