Super Drunk Couple Has Sex In Broad Daylight In Parking Lot

Humor, News — September 11, 2015 at 2:39 pm by

Has anything positive in the history of planet earth ever resulted from being “fueled by alcohol and spontaneity?” That’s the blueprint for virtually all poor decisions, and this case of drunken public sex is no exception. Apparently when Kimberly Jackson is “in the mood,” she’s getting it in by any means necessary. Broad daylight in a shopping center parking lot with a passed out boyfriend, and she’s still trying to get her rocks off. That is one horny fucking creep. I didn’t even know you could maintain an erection while being unconscious. The human body is truly amazing. I also learned that kryptonite isn’t Superman’s only weakness. The face that dude made when he was asked if this would ever happen again was priceless. He sure loves him some afternoon delight.


via Uproxx

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