Super Bowl Week

News — January 28, 2013 at 2:40 pm by

This morning thousands of Ravens fans gathered around the Inner Harbor to send off their beloved Ravens.  I wasn’t there just because I don’t really feel the need to say “Bon Voyage!” to a bunch of grown men. That’s just me.  But I do recognize that it is a lovely gesture and it does make our city look good.


I guess these festivities are the official beginning of Super Bowl Week here in Baltimore.  Super Bowl week means that almost everyone will be walking around in a better mood. (The exception being those jack off transplants from Western Pennsylvania)  It also means that you now have an excuse to go out and get blasted every day this week.  I mean why not?  It may be another 12 years before we are here again.  If you can’t get down to New Orleans, what better way to celebrate the Ravens appearance in the big game than with a 6 night food and booze bender?   When else can you get away with wearing a Raven jersey and sweatpants to Ruth’sChris?  This is the week my friends.  The Ravens have given us the opportunity to throw a week long party.  An unofficial holiday if you will.  Let’s make sure we take advantage.

…..On second thought maybe I should have gone down there this morning to thank ’em.




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