Substitute Teacher In Prince George’s County Filmed Hitting Students With Belt

News — May 19, 2015 at 11:42 am by

Woah, there is no way this turns out good for this substitute teacher. In a time where a teacher can barely raise their voice to a student, using your belt is off the charts.

A grandmother of one of the students said the incident took place last Friday, at Gwynn Park Middle School in Prince George’s County. It is unclear what exactly went down, but it is clear the teacher was belting kids in the face. School officials issued this statement:

On Friday, May 15, a substitute teacher used improper actions to discipline students while in one of our classes at Gwynn Park Middle School. The substitute teacher has been removed from the classroom and the matter has been referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Prince George’s County Public Schools does not condone this type of behavior and it is not representative of the level of professionalism and respectful conduct of the team at the school. PGCPS works to create a respectful and safe environment for all students and staff.

This was probably how this guy was raised, but the rules have changed. This video is legit frightening, I was almost certain I was watching a movie. On top of being a total crazy man, he failed miserably as a substitute. Put in a movie, and relax. The simple guide to succeed as a substitute teacher.

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