Stupid Kids Steal Credit Card, Use It In Picture Booth, Destroy B-More’s Image

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Last week a woman alerted Anne Arundel County police after a credit card she had lost showed activity at the Regal Movie Theater on South Main Chapel Way in Crofton. Surveillance video showed a group of teens buying movie tickets with the card and then taking photo booth pictures of themselves holding the credit card. [Baltimore City Paper]

Wow.  Looks like these dumb asses are on the fast track for either a career on a brass pole or a career in politics.  I can image that they’re even loving the negative attention. Leave it up to some stupid young crackers from the burbs to fuck everything up for us.  The HBO show “The Wire”  showed Baltimore as a tough as nails city with a shrewd and organized criminal element that thrived within it’s boundaries.  The criminals in the story were brilliant and complex people who were as much the product of a failed school system and a society that forgot them, as they were their own greed and evil intentions.  This story of credit card retardation just completely destroyed that image.

"Here's the credit card we stole, gangstas!"

“Here’s the credit card we stole, gangstas!”


“OMG we just made our own WANTED poster. Put it on Facebook!”


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