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Some things in life that are left unsaid can be just as pitiful or painful as things that come straight out of our pie holes.  Case in point is what is not being said about NFL players who get the total shaft by their employers in regard to declining play.  How many times do the owners exercise their option to bail out and cut a player loose when that player  is toward the end of  a career, but is still a reliable, productive player.  With the latest giveaway by the union to the owners, there is also the rule that incoming college stars are thrown into a wage scale slot.  They can only receive what that slot can bring .  The players union supported this scale, thinking it would bring more money to more veteran players.  In reality, the owners agreed to  implement the rule to eliminate the monetary mistakes that  teams make in evaluating the talent that they choose to draft.  I know deep down that JaMarcus Russell fueled the owners to get the rookie salary structure in the latest CBA give away.  Looking at the opposite side of the argument are Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.  They are playing for peanuts by today’s standards,and they are stuck in these contracts for two more years.  Way to go Union.  Another point lost to the greed mongers known as NFL owners.


What that mistake by union head DeMaurice Smith and his band of idiots really did was put these tenured players in jeopardy.  Good N.F.L. teams build through the draft almost exclusively,  and only teams with millions under the cap who have a competitive team take a shot on an expensive free agent.   (And to get under the cap many good players can end up getting cut.)  Even if teams do indulge in free agency they can low ball the players.

So, all this jargon leads me to our own Joe Flacco.  His agent Joe Linta has hit Steve Bisciotti with the bad news. This negotiation, for once, is on the side of the player.  No home team discounts this time around.  Pay the man right now.  Don’t wait to sit down and talk, just do it.  There is a saying in regard to  NFL management that cash creates cap.  It means that bonus money can be pro rated for the length of a contract.  So give him a large sum of money up front and work from there.  Ole Steve is letting the players know through the media that if they pay Joe what he wants, the Ravens will be reduced to a JV squad. Don’t buy into this poor me attitude.  The Ravens are still quite capable of paying Joe, spreading his bonus, and still paying other key free agents what they deserve.  The rules of the salary caps, free agency, and rookie pay scales have weakened the players so badly. It is time to win one for the people who actually play the games.

So, in closing,  if the owners can give their GQ commissioner a 19 million dollar raise to get his salary up to 29 million annually, they can surely tweak the system a little bit and say raise the salary cap $10 million a year.  This will still keep a level competitive playing field in regards to team spending, while rewarding teams that draft well by allowing them to pay one or two extra players that they would otherwise have to release or “restructure”.

It plays right for Joe to go for it.  Just like he did in Denver, New England, and in New Orleans.  If you don’t get it now Joe,  the owners will find a way to take it away later.


Cliff Brooks

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