Steve Smith Waits For His Birthday To Call Trash Talker ‘Cookie Dough’

Entertainment — May 13, 2015 at 3:14 pm by

There you have it folks, ‘cookie dough’ is the zinger of the summer. Steve Smith Sr. celebrated his birthday yesterday, and apparently he kept ol’ Andy’s jab in safe keeping until the right time. I initially felt like Smith dropped the ball with this rebuttal, like this banter belonged on a playground. Then I started thinking about ‘cookie dough,’ and it has the potential to cut deep. Everybody is talking up the “Dad Bod” like its the hottest thing going, so where does that leave cookie dough? This eliminates you from either fit, or the dad bod category, but implies you’re a complete mush . Apparently, ‘cookie dough’ got to Andy afterall, and he ended up deleting his Twitter account. It’s ok Andy, the ‘cookie dough body,’ will come around.

I see the heat ‘cookie dough’ could bring, but Smith is better on the fly.

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