Steve Smith Sr. Weighs In On The Bryce Harper Fight

Sports and Bets — May 30, 2017 at 1:29 pm by






I think anyone who has ever read anything off this website before it’s how big of fans of Steve Smith Sr we are. Everything that comes out of the man’s mouth is straight up gold. When he talks, we listen. And Steve Smith is one of the best fighters in professional sports history, especially if you factor in pound for pound. The guy stood up to anybody, no matter their size.

Bryce Harper didn’t land a good hit yesterday. His best shot hit Strickland’s hat brim, and actually Strickland landed the only real hit in the whole ordeal. But I wouldn’t say Harper looked terrible out there. It’s not like he charged the mound and looked like an idiot. I mean, he’s no Joey Bats, he just didn’t get anything to land.

But what do I know compared to what this man says:




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