Steve Smith Gives Refs Two-Star Yelp Review

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After last night’s gut-wrenching 26-18 loss to the Cardinals, Steve Smith was asked how he thought the referees performed. Never one to mince words, this is what Smith had to say.

Leave it to Smitty to find a succinct and hilarious way to accurately describe last night’s officials. He’s not alone with his opinion either, as the Ravens’ website posted an article that was very critical of the refs. Here are the three plays that they highlighted, accompanied with my personal Yelp reviews on how badly the calls were botched.

Chris Johnson’s foreword progress was definitely stopped, but this is a judgement call that has to be made in the heat of the moment. I’ll give it 1.5 stars.

Looking at that picture on the left, it appears that Jeremy Ross’ right knee was down while he was still in possession of the football. But since the play was ruled a fumble on the field, there had to be irrefutable evidence to overturn it. I’ll go with two stars on this call.

NEGATIVE 1,624 STARS!!! This was pure incompetence. John Urschel directly looked at the ref and repeatedly signaled that he was reporting eligible, and the ref still somehow missed it. Just mind-boggling officiating.

Even though the Ravens got shafted on a few calls last night, it’s ridiculous to blame the loss on the refs. Good teams find a way to overcome adversity and win these types of games. And at 1-6, the Ravens are clearly not a good football team. I don’t want to hear excuses about blown calls and malfunctioning headsets. I want somebody to step up and make a fucking play for once. The Ravens had plenty of chances to leave Arizona with a victory, but instead, they left with another agonizing, one-score defeat. Anybody know when the Terps tipoff?

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