Steelers Fan Shoots Neighbor After Getting Into Argument During Last Week’s Game

Humor, News, Sports and Bets — November 17, 2015 at 4:57 pm by

What kind of fan shoots a fellow fan during a 30-9 blowout? Earl Dunbar should’ve gave Victor Sawyer a high five, not a slug to the shoulder. It’s hard to imagine that their argument was about the Steelers’ performance against the Browns last Sunday. It had to be over something else. Was it over a rare Pittsburgh woman who still had most of her teeth? Did Sawyer drink the last Iron City? Or maybe, Sawyer insulted the seven-layer dip that Dunbar spent all morning slaving over? I guess we’ll just have to speculate as to why Dunbar shot Sawyer. The only thing that’s certain is that Steelers fans are one vile breed.

via Busted Coverage & WTAE Pittsburgh
cover pic: WTAE Pittsburgh

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