Steelers’ Defensive Lineman Being Sued By Ex For Allegedly Giving Her Genital Herpes

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Newly signed Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive lineman Cam Thomas is being sued by a woman named Adrienne, who claims Thomas gave her Genital Herpes. The lineman started 10 games for the San Diego Chargers last season. The two began dating in 2010, and frequently engaged in unprotected sex, despite her finding “puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh.” The Steelers’ class-act lineman made several claims as to where these bumps came from, and recently said they were due to abrasion from sweat under his football gear. His first claim was that he got his penis stuck in his football zipper though. Great excuse, how could anyone not fall for this explanation? Makes total sense why there would also be bumps on his ass and thighs. Unless that guy had more trouble with a zipper than anyone ever, he’s very bad at lying.

Adrienne says she was tested for diseases in 2010, but came up clean. If you can’t tell a Herpe from a zipper sore, despite looking at it head on, you probably have more STDs than you know exist in this world. But that’s just my speculation. I’m gonna keep a close eye on how this law suit turns out. Who doesn’t love a good Herpes case? I know I do, but that’s cause the bumps aren’t burning my genitalia.

In case you’re wondering, Thomas is denying giving her the Herp.


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