Stealing A Llama While Hammered Is All The Rage

Entertainment — November 4, 2013 at 2:50 pm by


In the mist of a drunken blunder, there really seems like no other option then swiping a circus llama for the night. Social media is destroying any chance of letting these times lay to rest as just another night. You go running around with a f’in stolen llama, then blast your selfies all over the internet. This is the complete opposite way to steal a weird animal, and get away with it. No trace of evidence, at least for a week.

Five French teenagers were arrested for drunkenly cavorting with a stolen circus llama, and Twitter has the photos to prove it.According to the French Sud-Ouest, the five, upon exiting a club early Thursday morning, happened upon a Bordeaux circus that was buckled down for the night. Undeterred, they found an 8-year-old llama named Serge, and brought it out for a night on the town.



via Daily Dot

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