“State of the Ravens” Presser: What They Are Really Saying

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The Ravens held their year-end press conference yesterday.  Steve Biscotti, Ozzie Newsome, and John Harbaugh all addressed the media.  It’s cool that they do this, but you gotta read between the lines to get what they’re really saying because they tend to be quite vague.  To help you cut through the crap we’ve picked out some things and deciphered them for you.  Now, some of these are direct quotes and some are paraphrased thoughts direct from the Ravens website and Twitter feed.  Let’s cut through the crap and get to the truth behind the quote.

Said By Steve Biscotti: “We had a lot of failures on the football field , offense and defense.”

What This Really Means:  We sucked. man. We really fucking sucked.


Said By Ozzie Newsome: “We’ll continue with our theme of not restructuring contracts.”

What This Really Means: We are strongly considering cutting Terrell Suggs, unless he wants to take a big pay cut.

Said By  Ozzie Newsome:  We have already started working on improving the run game.  Talked with everyone involved.

What This Really Means:  We fired our fall guy Wilbert Montgomery, and I’ll fire more people if I damn-side see fit.  We told Ray Rice to lose some weight and get       healthy, or else.  We are also getting rid of at least half of the O-Line.  (Wish list free agent: Center Brian De La Puente from the Saints)


Said By Steve Biscotti: “I expected more in the second half of the season.”

What This Really Means:  I was incredibly pissed off that we shit the bed against the Pats, and I really thought I’d get more for my $100 million with Flacco once he had time to gel with his receivers.  I hate losing.


Said By Steve Biscotti:  “Had we not had the history over the last five years, I probably would demand wholesale changes.

What This Really Means:  If Jim Caldwell hadn’t been the OC when we won the Super Bowl, I would have fired his ass already.  And if this crap keeps up, I’ll fire everybody.  It also means he really wants an offense.


Said By Ozzie: “I think we need to get bigger on the interior of our offensive line”

What This Really Means:  Gradkowski, Shipley, you’re both fired.  It also means watching the running game was like watching a Mad About You marathon on the Lifetime network: horrifying.


Said By Ozzie:  Need a WR/TE for 3rd and long situations.

What This Really Means:  Torrey Smith is really good but he’s not a number 1 WR.  We need a 85-90 catch guy on the outside who can make clutch plays on the regular.  It means Torrey is our #2, and Marlon Brown is our slot guy.  It means Jacoby Jones will be gone unless he comes back for real cheap, and it means we are pursuing a free agent WR, like Erik Decker, Golden Tate, or, get ready, Anquan Boldin.



Said By Harbs:  He expects Arthur Brown to win the starting WILL LB job next year.

What This Really Means:  We are cutting Jameel McClain or not resigning Daryl Smith.

Said By Ozzie:  Getting a play making free safety could help them close games.

What This Really Mean:  Damn, I wish Ed Reed could have stayed 26 years old for eternity.  He bailed us out with big plays soooooo many times.  Sigh.

It’s going to be an interesting off-season, babes.








  1. I have been saying that about Torrey Smith all season. He is not a number one, he had good yardage stats but 4 TD’s. When we lost Pitta we lost the only guy that goes after the ball. The rest let it come to them. Great article though.

  2. They also mentioned they are keeping Castillo for another year. Horrible.

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