Started at the Bottom, Now We Here: AL East Champs

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1997 was a long time ago, but the Orioles are back on top of the American League East and O’s fans have never felt better. Damn if we don’t deserve it. The dark days are long behind the O’s, the past three years have been phenomenal . Every game. Every inning. Every at bat. Simply. Phenomenal. But as big as the 2012 playoff run was, winning the division is a massive accomplishment and huge milestone for the BALTIMORE Orioles.

Orioles' Steve Pearce, left, celebrates with Adam Jones on the field after the Orioles clinched the American League East.

When it comes to winning your division in baseball there is NO luck. There are 162 games played in the regular season, and when you play that many games it takes luck out of the equation. Over the course of a season that long, every teams gets breaks that go for them and some that go against them. But through the long grind of the season, the worst teams lose and the best teams win- the breaks, and the luck, get ironed out over 162 games.  Over the course of the 2014 season, the Orioles didn’t just win the AL East, they pimp-smacked the AL East across the face and said, “This is Our division now”.   The Orioles were good enough to clinch their division by mid-September, and that’s something no one can take away from them. The AL East Championship wasn’t given to the Orioles, it was EARNED by the Birds as they played winning baseball as a team, day after day, game after game. Hard work pays off, and I have never been more proud to be a fan of the Orioles.

Nick Markakis savors the moment as his teammates celebrate clinching the American League East.

As we fans prepare for Orange October, all I can focus on in is this moment, this season, and winning a World Championship this year. We can’t look backwards, or forwards. We need to enjoy this moment right now. Because it’s a special one, for both this team and this city. We can’t look forward to next season, asking and predicting about who the Orioles will sign, or not sign, because that doesn’t matter. We’re the AL East champs ,and we’re far from done playing baseball this year. Who gives a damn about next season? I certainly don’t. All that matters is that the men on this team are Orioles right now, and they are happy to be a part of the Orioles organization as they try to bring this city a World Series trophy. We also can no longer focus on our proud past. As much as we love our tradition and looking back at the 83’ championship, and looking back at Hall of Fame players like Brooks Robinson, Eddie Murray and Jim Palmer ( who will always have place in our hearts), we need to realize that this current team is on the verge of a 2014 championship. Guys like Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and Chris Tillman will be Orioles’ Legends in their own right one day, but no they are continuing to work hard  and grind everyday to bring this town a title as we head to the postseason.  The Orioles are no longer a losing organization that needs to live in the past, reminiscing in old glory. Were here to win NOW.

Let’s do this.  Started at the bottom now we here…..

Orioles relief pitcher Tommy Hunter holds several bottles of beer after the club clinched the American League East championship Tuesday.

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