Sports Anchor Is PISSED At His Co-Worker When She Breaks News On ‘Space Jam 2’ And God It’s Awkward

Entertainment, Humor, News — May 23, 2016 at 1:27 pm by



WOAH WOAH WOAH stay in your lane woman!!!

If you’re the sports guy, you break sports news. And what screams sporting news more than LeBron starring in ‘Space Jam 2’? NOTHING. On a day where we can celebrate LeBron James co-starring alongside our favorite Looney Tunes characters, we sure don’t need this bitch trying to steal the show and making the news about her. Like he said, has he ever told the world about any new irrigation news? No. So BACK THE FUCK OFF his Space Jam segment. GTFO of here, lady.


Awkward level on a thousand.



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