Spearfisherman Captures The Moment A Shark Tries To Get A Taste

Outdoors — January 9, 2017 at 1:16 pm by

While fishing off the coast of Australia, Danny Henricks gave us a firsthand look on why we all should be spearfishing…Haha, yea right.

Liquid Vision Some Video footage of a Bullshark attack from a recent trip to North QLD. Swam about 50m from mates i was diving with on the edge of a channel. Had shot a fish 10 mins prior that ripped off. Was mid dive when spotted the shark cruising 20m down, it saw me then B lined straight at me half pace then full charge 6m before it attacked. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a bullshark acting this aggressively? We noticed the shark was pretty skinny for a bullshark and thought it might have something to do with being aggressive. Needless to say it definately knocked my confidence a bit.

The reaction of this dude tells me that he is fully aware of this scenario. Basically, one of the many scenarios that any sane, land dweller would dream up. You go spearfishing in the middle of the ocean, in my eyes, you become fair game. You’re the hunter, but you’re most likely being hunted. This guy seemed to understand that, and was fully prepared to act accordingly.


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