Spanish-Speaking Announcer Goes Crazy Over Track Star’s Glorious Backside

Humor, Sports and Bets — August 14, 2014 at 1:50 pm by

I haven’t spoken Spanish since high school, but I’m pretty sure I know what this dude’s talking about. He’s saying, “You have an absolutely breathtaking hiney. I mean, that thing’s good. I wanna be friends with it.” This guy doesn’t give a fuck about the race, and I can’t blame him. Did you see that thing of beauty? It belongs in the Louvre.



You can criticize him for his lack of professionalism, but you can’t question that man’s eyesight. I’m actually impressed that he was able to speak at all. An average sportscaster probably would’ve had their jaw on the floor and an oyster in their boxer shorts, while our compadre is still dropping hard-hitting analysis like this…

via Guyism & Barstool

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