Southern Maryland Woman Charged With Contaminating The Household Milk With Dead Skin From Her Feet

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You know how to tell if there is real hatred amongst family members? Real hatred is putting skin shavings from your feet, into the household milk. Sarah P. Schrock. of Mechanicsville, MD. was arrested this week, and charged with this heinous crime.

Sarah P. Schrock, 56, was jailed Wednesday in lieu of 10 percent of $10,000 bond on the food contamination charge, and committing a second-degree assault on Jessica Whitney Hurry and Allison Depriest during the incident Monday at the residence off Golden Beach Road.Schrock was alone at the home that day until Hurry and Depriest arrived at dinner time, and they were drinking the milk when Depriest began choking and coughed up what looked like dead human skin, according to court papers filed by St. Mary’s sheriff’s deputy Jaime Davis.

Hurry also gagged, court papers state, and a witness found dead skin shavings in the milk after pouring it into a strainer.

No ifs, ends, or buts, you need to give this woman life in prison. A cold glass of milk to end a day is like a gift from god, some would say it’s sacred. How can these people ever enjoy a glass again? Milk and feet have no business in the same sentence, and now these people will never be able to shake that horrid taste from their kisser. According to the victim, “Schrock has trays in her room with the same kind of dead skin shavings that had come off of her feet.” The absolute horror…

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