Sources Claim That Charlie Sheen Is HIV Positive

Entertainment, News — November 16, 2015 at 2:01 pm by

Charlie Sheen is going on NBC’s Today Tuesday morning for a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer. NBC is promoting the interview by saying that Sheen is making a “revealing personal announcement.” According to TMZ’s sources, the announcement is that the 50-year-old actor is HIV positive.


What a bummer. I guess drinking like a fish, banging seven gram rocks, and sleeping with a bunch of porn stars might not have been the healthiest lifestyle. Who’d have thunk it? Sheen may be a goddamn lunatic, but Major League, Major League 2, Platoon, and Wall Street will always be classics. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Wild Thing. I hope your tiger blood can conquer this awful disease.

via Complex & TMZ
cover pic: People

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