Sorry, But I’m Not Piling Onto Strasburg’s, “O’s Fans” Comments.

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So Steven Strasburg seemed a little miffed at the Orioles’ fan presence last night in the Battle Of  The Beltway home-and-home series opener at Nationals Park…..

What he said really wasn’t a big deal, it was simply the truth.  There was a large O’s presence in the seats of National’s Park last night and there was a sea of orange invading D.C.  Hell, the Baltimore fans took the place over late in the game and in extra innings.

But I’m not on board with the, “D.C. fans suck!”, rumblings, and the “our fans are better than Nats’ fans”, arguments.  And I’m not on board with it for the same reason that John Lackey shouldn’t be opening his mouth about steroids.

Because we need to look in the mirror and at our own fans first.

How many times have we allowed this shit to happen to Camden Yards?  Way too many times.  The last time I went to an O’s/Yankees game I felt like I was surrounded by the House Wives of New York and the hairy-lipped, stupid accent club. And that was last season, so it’s not simply about the O’s winning.  It is better now in regards to Yankee and Sox fans than when the O’s completely sucked, but I see plenty of room for attendance improvement at the Yard.

So save the, “we’re the best baseball fans”, chatter, for now. Until we lay brick around our own glass house, we shouldn’t be throwing boulders at D.C.’s.

Maybe I just need to accept that Camden Yards will never be what Memorial Stadium was on a nightly basis.

But then again, it was awesome to see orange and black dominate that stadium last night……

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