Sorority Rant Update

Entertainment, Featured — May 2, 2013 at 8:28 pm by

This thing has been played out to the hilt, but because the email was such a classic, I feel obligated to follow-up on it. Rebecca Martinson, according to TMZ, was offered a job by the strip club Scores.  Maybe she’ll find gold digging, blowing coke, and getting naked in front of strangers way more exciting than hanging out with her sorority sisters.  Keep in mind that  the letter from Scores was signed by a guy named Harry Balzac, so whether it’s real or not is definitely questionable. 

Besides the advances of ol’ Harry Balzac at Scores, Rebecca, or Becks, has had to endure countless readings and parodies of her now infamous email.  We already posted the one by Michael Shannon, and frankly, it’s the best one.  But there’s now one by Josh Robert Thompson reading the letter as Morgan Freeman.  The imitation is spot on, and to hear “Morgan” smoothly deliver the email from hell is pretty funny.



 Lastly, we visit a Hitler skit based on the email.  This one is funny as shit and it’s good because Hitler isn’t reading the email, but reacting to it as if he was a Delta Gamma sister.  Good stuff.  This will do it for this chick, Becks”, unless I make her the   subject of  the next “Would You?” poll.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, enjoy ol’ Adolf.


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