Someone Created Fake Parking Tickets Only To “Rickroll” Unsuspecting Recipients

Humor, News — March 7, 2016 at 1:09 pm by

If you have ever walked to your car, only to see that dreadful sight of paper shoved under your windshield wiper, you know all too well the rage that comes over you. Either somebody left a real/fake note that they hit your ride, or you’re graced with a parking ticket. But for anyone who recently received a ticket in Asheville, N.C., there is a decent chance that they were ‘Rickrolled’.

Did someone have too much time on their hands? Yes. Was the pay off of this prank worth it? Absolutely.

Asheville’s Transportation Director says somebody downtown has been giving people fake parking tickets. Parking downtown this weekend could be tough. The city expects 20,000 people visiting for the SoCon tournament. The fake tickets were for $100, while the city’s normal fine is only $10. The city wants to stop whoever is behind it. The police say they can only charge the person with littering. If a person pays the fine, then the charges get more serious. When it comes to tickets that are fake, the city is being frank. “It causes us extra work, causes aggravation for our citizens, and I really think somebody’s doing it for a prank,” said Harry Brown, Parking Services Manager.

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