Some Twerp Shot A Bald Eagle In Pasadena, They Need To Be Found

News — October 28, 2014 at 1:02 pm by


Who in their right mind shoots a bald eagle? It is not only majestic as hell, it just happens to be a symbol of the nation.Over a month ago, a Maryland Yacht Club employee heard splashing near the floating dock. Being a true American,Ernie Jenkins saw the drowning eagle and knew he needed to step into action. The eagle was rushed to a Delaware vet for treatment, but died a few days later…

Two pellets were lodged into the eagle’s lungs, someone maliciously took down the bird. Jenkins was pissed, “Somebody done it on purpose, come on, that’s wrong.” Like all of us, Jenkins wants to find the perp that did this, ” We need to find out who done this and make them punished for it.” Chances are this was some young punk with a pellet gun, but it makes no difference. America.

via CBS Janice Park

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