Some Fat Bastard Is Suing Derrick Rose Cause Rose Won’t Play This Year.

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That’s right, the world has lost it’s mind.  Some Jabba The Hut looking dude is trying to blame Derrick Rose for his obesity issues.  Look, everybody gets down when their squad loses, but to blame depression and obesity on the Chicago Bulls is bullshit babes.   Here’s the “skinny” on this story…

HipHop365 A 25 year old Peoria Illinois man filed a lawsuit Thursday against Chicago Bulls Superstar Derrick Rose. Matthew Thompson, a self-described long-time Bulls fan, and electrician claims Rose missing the entire 2012-2013 NBA regular season has caused him to have mental breakdowns and emotional distress, which ultimately led to obesity issues….According to reports, Thompson claims Rose displayed negligent behavior by refusing to return to the court, despite having been cleared by team doctors. He blames his health issues on the MVP’s refusal to return.


Put down the Hagen Daas and let the remote control go.  This is the even dumber than the people who thought we needed a remake of the  fucking movie  “Footloose”.  And while Rose may be getting that “soft” label from some fans by not hurrying back, the guy did blow out his knee for crap’s sake. As for you, Jabba, just buy some carrot sticks and take a walk every once and a while; that’s more likely to solve your fatness than some big money from Derrick Rose;  money you would just spend on Cheese Steaks and Cool Whip.

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