Some Dumb Ass Sold Crushed Up Pop-Tarts To Undercover Cop As Cocaine

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Cameron Mitchell, you sly dog.

The 30- year-old from Halifax, North Carolina was arrested last week for allegedly selling an undercover police officer “cocaine.” The problem was, that the substance he sold, was not actually cocaine, but a crushed up Pop-Tart. Mitchell had the cops fooled until they tested the Tarts, and found zero trace of cocaine in their purchase.

Interesting route to take. I’ve heard of flour being sold as coke on the reg, but Pop-Tarts? What a salesman. Everyone who’s anyone knows that shit better have been of the brown sugar and cinnamon variety. If it was, those babies are more valuable in my eyes than any drug, and the police just won the lottery. Sure the street value may not be there, and it may not be getting the college girls out of their clothes, but I’ll take a hit of Pop-Tart any day.

Michael Scott knows the struggle…


via Huffington Post

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  1. That’s Cop Coke, closest thing to a Donut.

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