Soda Ban Blocked, NYC Mayor Removed From Citizens’ Asses

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Fox News – A New York judge is forcing the Bloomberg administration to take a big gulp — striking down its groundbreaking and controversial limit on the size of sugary drinks in New York City shortly before it was set to take effect. Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling wrote in his opinion that the rules are “arbitrary and capricious,” applying to only certain beverages and only certain stores. “The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of this rule,” he wrote, complaining of “uneven enforcement even within a particular City block, much less the City as a whole. “Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city plans to appeal, calling the ruling “clearly an error.”  “If we are serious about fighting obesity then we have to be honest about it and courageous about tackling it,” Bloomberg said. “We believe it is reasonable and responsible to draw a line.”

I am for any law or decision that removes the government from my ass, so kudos to the judge that stopped this ridiculous law from going into effect.  In a city where you can get anything at any time, Mayor Bloomberg is attempting to ban large sodas.  In other words I can drink 6 forties of Old English Malt Liquor but not the 32 oz. soda that will help cure my hangover the next day.  Granted there are a lot of fat bastards walking around NYC, but is this the answer?  Maybe they should put an elliptical and a bench press at every street corner instead of attempting to regulate soda sizes.  A fat ass will be a fat ass no matter what.  If they can’t get a goddamn large soda, they’ll just buy two  smaller ones.  What’s next, no pizza? No ice cream?  No ceaser dressing?   Maybe Bloomberg will attempt to ban cars and subway lines from the city so everyone will have to bike or walk everywhere, that will make all the fatties burn some
calories.  Anyway, the calorie nazi  Bloomberg vows a fight  so we’ll see where this goes.  Big Brother is watching babes.

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  1. God forbid people start taking responsibility for themselves. Bloomberg is a nanny of the worst kind.

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