So, What The Hell Is Up With This #4 Seed For The Terps???!!!

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Unless you live in a goddamn cave you know that the Maryland Terrapins were bent over and screwed royally by the NCAA selection and given a #4 seed in the Midwest Region for the upcoming Big Dance. As a Maryland alumni and a Terps fan, I think Marsellus Wallace phrased it best after his horrifically similar (not really) experience.

The Terps should be a three seed based on their overall body of work.  The Terps beat both Iowa State, who is a three seed, and Wisconsin, who is a one seed.  Maryland finished the season 27-6 overall and 14-4 in Big Ten.  That 14-4 record was good for second place in the Big Ten.  Plus, as we already mentioned, the Terps beat Wisconsin, who won the Big Ten and are a number one seed.  Is the difference between the first and second place in the Big Ten three seeds?  Don’t think so, babes, especially since the Terps have won eight out of their last nine games.  Sure they lost to MSU in the tourney, but the Terps were 2-1 versus that foe over the course of the season and MSU is an NCAA tournament team too. Oh, and aren’t the Terps ranked eighth in the country?  Bottom line, the four seed isn’t a correct one and the Terps and everbody else besides the selection committee knows it.



I have no problem with Iowa State being a three based on their conference tournament victory, but the NCAA’s love-fest with the Big 12 is absurd.  Oklahoma got a three with ten overall losses.  Ten.  Since when do teams with ten losses get three seeds?  And Baylor, who had an 11-7 conference record, also got a three seed over Maryland.  Is the Big Twelve that good?  They better be to justify all this bullshit.

Meanwhile, did the committee really give Kentucky the overall number one seed with Kansas, Notre Dame, and Maryland?  Or would you rather be Duke, who got Gonzaga, Iowa State, and Georgetown as their number two, three and four seeds, respectively?  Please.  There is a Duke bias, believe it.

But there’s no time for more bitching.  The seed is what it is and big, bad Kentucky is the potential matchup in the round of sixteen.  But looking forward to that matchup is pointless with Valpo and potentially West Virginia waiting this weekend.  Valparaiso won their conference and has a big front court that could pose problems for Maryland’s drive to the basket style.  They also can hit the three (38.1% as a team on the season), so the Crusader’s will give the Terps a definite challenge.  (The Terps should still win though, babes.)

So until the Kentucky game presents itself, we won’t go there.  But I will say this.  The Wildcats have already been crowned by the experts and the media.  Fuck that.  The SEC blows and in this bracket, the Wildcats will get challenged.  We’ll see how they respond.

The Terps take on Valpo at 4:40 PM in Columbus, Ohio.  It feels great to be back in the tournament, babes.  Let’s Go Terps!




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  1. Thank you are on point on everything I was bitching about yesterday

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