So, There Were A Few Folks At The Horseshoe Casino Grand Opening On Tuesday Night….

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15,000 to be exact.  That’s how many lunatics went downtown for the grand opening of the brand-spankin’ new Horseshoe Casino.   I feel like they just started building the casino yesterday; it’s amazing how fast shit gets done when there’s a big money return waiting upon the completion of a construction project.  There’s a pothole on the corner of North Avenue and Charles Street that has gone unfilled since 2005, but they can build a full-scale, luxury casino complete with a seven story parking garage in something like two weeks.  Anyway, the place was evidently mobbed with gamblers and party people on Tuesday eveing.  Bravo, it’s about time that I’m able to throw craps legally in my hometown instead of having to shoot dice in a back alley with Bootsy, Peanut, and No-Neck.  But I think I’ll take my time getting down there, I guarantee there’s a ton of amateurs sitting at those tables as we speak.  Splittin’ tens, hitting when the dealer is showing a six, and chucking the dice onto the floor during their roll on the craps table.  Scared money don’t make none. Besides, who can relax and concentrate at a four deep craps table.  I need some clarity when I throw the bones babes.  But when things settle down, I’ll take a gander at some table games with The Chode and Babes.  Winner, winner, crabcake dinner!

Apparently, Guy Fieri was there.  Now I’m real glad I didn’t go….

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