So…Did Maryland Have A Successful Season?

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The Terps lost in bitter fashion on Thursday night, playing very well in the first half, before unfolding at the seems in the second, and eventually losing 79-63 to the number one seeded Kansas Jayhawks.

Now that Maryland is officially out of it, we can ask the question, did Maryland have a successful season?

The Terps opened the season as a top three team in the nation, and remained in the top five for much of the season, never falling out of the top ten early on. Then they started to unravel, and fell as low as number 18. But the fact remains that the Terps had a number beside their name for every game they played this year, and that’s an accomplishment they can hang their hats on. But that number 2 at the beginning of the year looked a lot better than the 18 at the end of the year.

The Terps made it to the Big Ten tournament semifinals, after finishing third in the regular season standings. Again, an accomplishment, but fell short of realistic expectations.

Then Maryland made it out of the first weekend of March Madness for the first time in 13 years (still can’t believe it’s been that long). I’m not going to take it away from them that their opponents were 12 South Dakota State and 13 Hawaii, cause a win is a win in the big dance. Michigan State can attest to that.

So I guess to judge if the Terps had a successful season or not, you could try to look at what they accomplished, which some could say was a lot. They took the program to a place it hadn’t been in over a decade, and you could say that in itself makes the season successful.

But I think if you want to honestly judge the season Maryland had, I think you have to weigh accomplishment versus expectation. And compared to what we had all expected, the Terps failed to deliver. It’s crazy to say that this was far and away the best season Maryland hoops has had in over a decade and was still not successful, but in the end this team underachieved. It was tough playing Kansas so early on in the tournament, but if they hadn’t let down in the regular season, they would have been a much higher seed and wouldn’t have had to deal with that so early and we’d be having a whole nother conversation. I’m not going to take anything away from what the Terps did this year, because as I’ve been saying, they have a lot to be proud of. But in the end, with so much unfinished buiness, you’ve got to consider it unsuccessful. Sucks.



Melo’s second half free throw was literally the definition of this season.



PS- Fuck I’m gonna miss Sulaimon. Crazy to say cause he played at Duke much longer, but he felt like a real Terp.  



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  1. They had a good season.

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