‘SNL’ Opened With Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, & Pete Carroll Impressions

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“Shout out to hiding!” Despite a couple lame Deflate-Gate jokes, that was pretty damn good. I thought they did a great job of poking fun at Marshawn Lynch’s reticent demeanor, Richard Sherman’s cocky brand of intensity, and Pete Carroll’s nerdy enthusiasm. I also really enjoyed the shot that they took at the Seahawks’ bandwagon fanbase. Their 12th Man gimmick is so fucking corny. Hope you guys had fun watching that comeback win over Green Bay on TV, you front-running jabronis.



What a bunch of frauds. As much as I liked the sketch, it was only the second best thing that I saw involving Sherman last night. Check out this hilariously mean tweet about Sherman’s girlfriend, who’s expected to give birth to their first child any day now.

Ouch. Twitter is fucking brutal, man.

cover pic: Nyooz Trend

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